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Health and Fitness Education (HFE)

I would say Opayo has positively affected our relationship with our customers, because when they call or we call them and we need to process a transaction, it’s very quick, there’s no inconvenience to them.

Lee CainManaging Director

HFE (Health and Fitness Education) is an award winning training provider to the health and fitness sector that has a passion for doing things differently. Each year they educate over 3000 fitness professionals across a variety of disciplines, including Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Nutrition, Exercise to Music and apprenticeships. Courses combine the home-study and online learning with weekend attendance and are delivered from over 20 sites throughout the UK.

HFE has been a Opayo customer since 2008 and despite the recession that ensued, the business has continued to grow considerably, both in size and profitability. Since its incorporation, the company has always invested heavily in building a strong online presence and search engine optimisation is at the heart of the company’s sales strategy. Payments are typically made by customers online on the company’s website and over the telephone using the Opayo terminal. HFE also uses the continuous authority service to let customers spread the cost of their course over a 6-month term with recurring card payments.

Managing Director, Lee Cain says “there is so much regulation and security for a business to consider before they can take card payments. It’s essential for us therefore that we have a payment service that is able to keep up with changes in regulation, and developments in technology, so that we continue to operate in-line with best practice, and in the most efficient way. Opayo have been a joy to work with in this respect – whenever we’ve needed help or had to implement changes, their staff have amazed me with how eager they were to help us”.

HFE has a single website that is built on a custom-built content management system. The company’s web-development is largely handled by a single developer who works for the company on a part-time basis. Matt Gane, who has worked at HFE for over 7 years, stated “As a developer, the Opayo system has been one of the easiest I have worked with. The setup is quick and simple and there is a powerful API that allows for a deeper integration with the site – this is something that we really needed. If there is anything that I don’t understand, the technical team are always on hand to help”.

There are approximately 12 staff that take telephone payments within the business and each have their own accounts within the Opayo terminal. Staff take the first part of the order on the HFE website and then log in to the Opayo terminal to complete the payment. “the simplicity and intuitive layout of the terminal makes taking customer payments effortless” says Operations Manager Rick Gardiner. “Our customers must have total trust and confidence in our staff when handling their credit or debit card data. There is absolutely no room for mistakes when it comes to payments which is why this terminal is so value to our sales operation” he goes on to say.

The company has recently launched two brand new services for customers completing their personal trainer courses. The Register of Personal Trainers and Personal Trainer Jobs are both solutions designed to help their graduates succeed in their chosen careers once their studies are over. The Opayo payment solution will be used to take payments on both of these sites. Lee Cain closed with the following statement – “when you have a solution that works so well, with a support team so effective, why would we consider using any other solution? It’s what they call a no brainer!”