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Orbis Software

Orbis Software is a leading provider of Business Process Automation solutions. It enables organisations of any size to reduce costs and improve performance through the automation of repetitive employee processes such as bank reconciliation, credit control letter production and distribution and more.
Company profile: 

We take the costs out of doing business.

Orbis Software helps businesses remove costs by automating the bank reconciliation process and more. It enables organisations to automate practically any employee process simply and quickly via its four Business Process Automation platforms.

What are the four platforms?

  1. Data Integration & Synchronisation Platform

    Integrate Opayo with your business applications through a market proven drag and drop interface. The same platform can also be utilised to integrate any other application or web service used by the organisation.

  2. Report & Document Automation Platform

    Automate report creation and distribution by either business event or schedule. Reports formats can include Crystal Reports, SSRS, HTML, MS Word, CSV or TXT. Reports can be sent by email, FTP or saved to a network location.

  3. Notifications & Alerts Platform

    Receive HTML email, SMS or communication portal alerts and notifications. Adding alerts to all your business applications ensures important data is delivered to you, your suppliers or customers before it becomes an issue.

  4. Workflow & Human Interaction Platform

    Add digital authorisation processes to purchase, discount or other important decisions. Also enable external stakeholders to contribute to workflows and digitally retain a full audit trail of actions taken.

Once you’ve purchased the Data Integration & Synchronisation platform and integrated Opayo with your business software you'll have the drag and drop tools to integrate all your business applications. Common applications integrated by our clients include:

  • eCommerce platforms
  • eBay or Amazon
  • Email Marketing Systems
  • ERP and CRM
  • Courier Services
  • EDI
  • Help Desk
  • Bespoke Systems

Furthermore, you can simply ‘add on’ any of the other three platforms to address practically any business process automation requirement.

Solutions and services: 

Orbis Software delivers its solutions and services through a trusted network of Accredited partners both in the UK and Worldwide. It is also a long-standing Elavon Financial Services DAC, Microsoft and SAP development partner and has over 5000 customers already using its Business Process Automation platform. For further information regarding Opayo integration or any other business automation requirements, please contact us for an informal conversation via:

Tel: +44 (0)1202 241115

Alternatively, please visit our social media platforms for the very latest product news, updates and events:


Teaser summary: 
Orbis Software enables Opayo customers to automate the entire bank reconciliation process to reduce costs and improve order processing times. The integration is compatible with virtually any Accounting, ERP, CRM or industry specific solution.
Orbis Software
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